How to choose best theme in WordPress

Everyone who wants to be an owner of a website has to go through the process of making a decision about what theme they should select for their website. That is, everyone has to choose best theme in WordPress. If the website is your home, then the theme will be the decoration of your home, that is, how many rooms will be there, how to be arranged, etc. In today’s post we are going to help you choose best theme in WordPress.

Theme selection is important as it presents your website to your audience and those things that you want them to know. We will try to discuss throughout this whole article to make this important and somewhat laborious and time-consuming decision of yours easier and ultimately help you choose best theme in WordPress.

First of all, we have to find out the points that one can choose best theme in WordPress to keep in mind. It depends on several factors. For example: what is your budget, what is your niche i.e. blogging, online marketing, photography, or any other purpose, also your skill level whether you are a website developer or not, etc. All that you need is a website that will deliver your message to the audience appropriately. And that’s why your website and theme must be attractive and useful. There is also the matter of google ranking. Then how we will be able to meet all the above requirements.  Keeping in mind the points mentioned below, one will be able to easily choose best theme in WordPress.

First, have a look at all these things you should consider while choosing best theme in WordPress.

If you find all the terms and terminology confusing then keep reading till the bottom of the post. For your convenience, we have discussed each point in detail.

Select a theme according to your niche

There are about 7400 free themes and 12000 paid themes available in the current market and the number is increasing day by day. Each of these themes carries a different feature. Although there are many multipurpose themes also. Some themes carry certain features. These are called niche themes. This means that if your niche is photography and you like the blogging theme then you will not get the features you need. Some of the niche themes are Scientia-for library and book store, Bonko-Safari and Zoo, Dronex-photography and videography, etc.

Again, there are some themes available in the market that carry all kinds of features. These are multipurpose themes. Some multipurpose themes are Divi, Astra, and Ultra.  With a Multipurpose theme, you can create any kind of website.

Will you choose a niche theme or a multipurpose theme?

Whether a person will choose a multipurpose theme or a niche theme depends on his skill level and the type of his company or business. However, in this case, the role of skill level is a bit less.  Because if you need more features to manage your company, then even if the skill level is not good, it would be wise to choose a theme rich in more features.

choose best theme in WordPress

Usually, a multipurpose theme is rich in many functions and features. So if your business is short-range and you are not confident about your skill level then it is a matter of whether you will feel confused while using it. So if you are confident about your skill level then you can choose a multipurpose theme even though you are a beginner in wp usage and if you are not confident enough about your skill level and your website is personal and small then a niche theme will be better for you. But if you need a theme with more features to run your business or company, you can choose a multipurpose theme.

Whether your theme is compatible with your skill level

Usually, WordPress themes are created through coding.  If you do not have coding skills then theme management will be difficult for you. So you will need something that can be managed without programming skills.  One such tool is a page builder.

A page builder is a tool that will help you change the look of the website and edit posts and pages through drop and drag blocks. You can also create a template for later use. This will save you valuable time. Most of the themes in the current market carry this feature with some more or fewer advantages.  Some popular page builders are elementor, divi, beaver builder, etc. So you will be advised to choose a theme with a page builder or a theme that supports a page builder plugin.  You also need to consider whether your favorite theme supports any other popular plugin.

Try to choose a simple but best theme in WordPress

Sometimes it is seen that many people prefer the look when choosing a theme but it cannot hold its viewers. Because even if there is an excess of glamor, it cannot benefit the audience. The appearance of your website is important but it should not exceed simplicity and readability.  So simplicity should be given importance in choosing the theme. you should choose an easy font to make your website readable and comfortable for your audience. So that they do not have to struggle to read the content.  Some easy and readable fonts are open sans, Verdana, Tahoma, etc.

Simplicity should also be given priority in page layouts, color, etc.  This will make your audience’s user experience very good, and it will help you convert your audience into your customers. Your audience may not feel comfortable with the layout you like because there will be many audiences who do not know where to click to get the desired results. This way they will face a bad user experience and it will adversely affect the success of your website as well as SEO. So you should prioritize the comfort of different categories of users over your own choice.

Choose a mobile-friendly theme

A Mobile-friendly theme is a theme where, when a user uses a mobile device to view a page of your website, they will feel at ease with it. There are two things to consider to verify whether a theme is mobile-friendly.  Number 1. whether your theme is mobile responsive and number 2. loading time of your theme.

Your preferred theme will be responsive when it will adjust your website’s page layout and appearance to any screen size.

choose best theme in WordPress

Since mobile phones are compact devices and everyone feels comfortable using them, naturally, the number of mobile users is high. That’s why a large portion of your viewers will be mobile users. So your theme must be mobile-friendly.  The screen can be resized to know if a theme is mobile responsive.  In this case, mobile responsive themes will adjust the theme layout with any screen size. You can also copy and paste the URL of the themes demo page into Google’s mobile-friendly test page.

The second thing to look for is the loading time of your page.  Since loading time will affect the Google ranking of your page. And for that, you will need a lightweight theme.  A lightweight theme is a low-size theme with neat, well-developed, and simpler code. Mobile users need a more lightweight theme because mobile devices do not have computing power like desktops. Almost all themes claim to meet the above two requirements. But Not all themes are equally effective for mobile devices.

Whether the theme of your choice offers support

Usually, free themes do not offer any support whereas almost all premium themes have a 6-12 months support option. Although some free themes offer support, in most cases this does not seem to happen.

If you mess up your theme then you will need support. In that case, if your theme does not have a support option, you will have to go to a third party and fix it in exchange for payment.

Usually, premium themes offer one-year support.  So support should be kept in mind while choosing the theme.

Keep Google ranking in mind

Google ranking means showing content at the beginning of the search engine result page.  It takes a lot of hardship to create quality content.

So the author’s work will be in vain unless it can reach a large number of people. And the idea of ​​google ranking comes from the urge to solve this problem.

What is the role of a lightweight theme to be SEO optimized?

An SEO-optimized theme for Google ranking is undeniable.  Although content quality and backlinks are mostly responsible for SEO. But yet theme plays an important role in this. The HTML code structure of a theme is responsible for SEO.  If the code structure is not clear and not placed properly, Google will not understand what the website is about. The code structure is also responsible for load speed.  If the theme and template design are rich in many things then the user will be annoyed. And they will not continue reading. It will lead to a bad user experience. Which will affect SEO as google considers user experience for SEO. Whether a theme is SEO optimized can be known by checking on the W3C Markup Validation service.

Also, the loading time of your page affects google ranking.  For this, you need a lightweight theme.

You can check if your theme is lightweight on GTmetrix.

You can also follow the review and ratings of a theme to know how its service is. If you want, you can take a look at our review.

Also, keep in mind that the theme is updated regularly.

With all of the above in mind, anyone can successfully choose best theme in WordPress according to their needs and tastes.

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